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 Raising a Goddess Temple $25 

A step by step guide in creating a sustainable community Goddess Temple.

Written and assembled by Graell, with excerpts by Jumana Sophia of Her Mystery School, along with 

Tony Corsini of the Goddess Temple of Ashland & the Temple of the OAK , & Visionary Graphic Design by Davin Infinity.

Hard copy or Digital copy available, your choice! click below to order hard copy direct from www.lulu.com print to order!



Priestess and Knight of the Goddess Training

Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living  $111

The Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living is part of the Graell's Guidebook Bundle which includes:

Raising a Goddess Temple, Goddess Sadhana Daily Practice, Spiritual Intimacy, Womb Wellness Yoni Care, 

with gorgeous graphic design by Shelley Sage Heart, 

plus Graell's CD recorded her final year of her AvaSha Goddess Temple of Mt. Shasta 2009! 

All on a treefree, minimal space filling, maximum inspiration, faery flashdrive to purchase from Graell IN PERSON when 

you attend her classes, workshops, retreats, or festival offerings.

Otherwise order here on the SHOP page to easily receive your digital version.

This magickal Guidebook is a curriculum allowing you to  learn at your own pace, with

optional pilgrimages to sacred sites held at the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, England; the Amalfi Coast, Italy;

the Footsteps of the Magdalene in the south of France; Mt. Shasta, California; and Ashland, Oregon, 

Share in reverent (and wild) Presence with inspiring groups of Priestesses and Knights during

weekend Immersions focused on practicing your craft.

This easy to engage in and heart expanding guide to conscious self empowerment including life transforming information on personal growth and guiding ceremony for self and community. It 

is the culmination of many years of Graell's travels, teachings, and raising of Goddess Temples. 

The Goddess is not one defined deity, It is the absoulute essence of the Union of God and

Goddess (God-dess). The magnetic pull of the ocean to the shore, the moment the rain touches

the land, the flame meets the air, the wind dancing through the trees, the spark of LIFE.

This immersion is a guide for men and woman whom feel resonance with Serving a higher and expanded purpose, for those who desire closer connection with their womb space (men included). The womb space is the primordial container that holds all of creation. It speaks deep and powerfully. Wisdom laden and in harmony with the heart, the womb space births love

thru humility. It has it's own voice, own brain, own directional pull.

It is rooted in centeredness, trust, and presence.

TO ORDER your Physical Faery Flash Drive, CONTACT GRAELL

subject line:  PG ORDER 

Goddess Garb and Womb Wear

Gemstone Belly Belts supporting your 2nd Chakra of Creativity and Passion $22-55


Decorative and Activating bare breast jewel-drapery supporting beauty in nudity, and Spiritual Intimacy $55-111 

Ceremonial Tools and Altar Items, including Athame’s, Priestess Power Belts, Drums,

Rattles, and Feather Fans  $ variable prices CUSTOM ORDERS MADE WITH GRAELL IN PERSON

Ceremonial Anointing Oils by doTERRA

highest quality vibrational extraction for...

Emotional Aromatherapy, Spikenard, Blends for Herpes and HPV,

Midwifing the Veils of Birth, Sacred Sexuality, Death, and Rebirth Oils, and Immune supportive OnGuard, and more!

TO ORDER CONTACT: My Oils Mentor, Jamila MAH 

*be sure to mention GRAELL sent you*


Essential Oils for Herpes
Melissa and Myrrh, 7 drops each
In 4 TBS Coconut or Jojoba Oil
Apply to sores 3-5 x’s Day
Until completely gone

Heals relationship to MOTHER & EARTH
Dispels darkness and depression
& ideas of suicide

Essential Oils for Genital Warts
Frankincense & Melaleuca, 7 drops each
In 4 TBS Coconut or Jojoba Oil
Apply to warts 3-5 X’s Day
Until completely gone

Heals relationship with FATHER & SPIRIT
Releases shame & guilt
Helps break from toxic, parasitic,
abusive relationships—Brings a sense of
honoring and enlightenment