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*These heart based sessions are not focused on sexual intercourse

Graelynn is not a practicing Tantrica


Soul Stream Sessions

Intuitive, private customized counsel with Graelynn and her internal Wisdom Keeper, Morganna.

In Person/Skype/Telephone Sessions available 


nourishing...because you're worth it. valuable...because you're worth it.

personalized...because you're worth it.

One on One.




1 to 3 private sessions max will 

assist your journey of awakening on the Path of Sacred Living. 


With Graelynn's strongest Crone Guide, Moriganna, as the guiding  messenger, her intuitive counsellor's role is supportive and provides a safe container for the insights, catharsis, and the honest confrontation that takes place in a mythic therapeutic session. 


Graelynn is a holding space for your inner revelation... the voice of your Soul. 


Serving as a Priestess of the Goddess since 1991, plus countless courses, workshops, and trainings has brought Graelynn home to her heart as a Life Coach. 


One hour is plenty to assist what your Soul is calling out to be reflected back to you. 


Please text to schedule ASAP. 

Spots fill quick. 


Self Investment : $155 per hour

3 session special price $355

Spiritual Intimacy Sessions for Couples

​Graelynn safely guides you according to the requests and energy flow of the moment.

This spiritual intimacy practice is for Partner's who are ready to commit to a daily practice which supports the heart and sensuality, therefore igniting deeper energetic bonds.

This Practice includes: invocation, chanting, breathwork, visualization, gentle exercise, self cultivation ideas, and basic Divine Union Tantra, including a loving Puja Ceremony.

This is a safe container held in confidentiality, and focused on Heart Centered Devotion. ​

Self Investment : $155 per hour

Holistic Lifestyle Support

​This is a beautiful opportunity of outstanding grace and filled with countless benefits. 

Graelynn provides 3 day, 5 day, or 9 day immersions with you to bring your lifestyle to 

the next level of happiness, healthiness, and holiness... supporting your Wholeness. 

Customized days and evenings consist of guidance spanning from House Keeping to 

Guided Spiritual Intimacy to Nutritional Awareness to Morning Practice to

Devotional Yoga to Sacred Dance to Conscious Communication, and more. 

When Graelynn arrives, it is like having your Guardian Angel in full form, present, patient, 

and unconditionally loving you as you choose to step into the

alchemical crucible of transformation. 


Self Investment: $333-$555 per day 

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