Yoni Care Wellness Guide

Yoni Care Wellness Guide

Yoni Care Wellness Guide

This Yoni Care Wellness Guide is a valuable tool for self healing relating to Herpes, HPV, and other Yoni imbalances. 

With over five decades of personal experience I have compiled a list of tools specific to the challenges of self healing around these dis-eases. 

As a small child my experience began with Herpes Simplex 1 and as I grew into adulthood, contracted Herpes Simplex 2, and as an Elder have lived with the sadness.


As you can imagine, I’ve tried everything possible to eradicate this virus. After years of anger, frustration, guilt, pain, and shame I had a choice… 

Do I freak out, start a war on the sore, and spiral into total depression, or do everything in my power to find the gift? 


Let this Yoni Care Wellness Guide bring to you new ideas and light through the darkness.


Written and assembled by Priestess Graell, graphic design and editing by Shelley Sophia Crawford of SunlightCircleDesigns.com