Raising a Goddess Temple

Raising a Goddess Temple


Raising a Goddess Temple

An inspirational step by step guide in creating a sustainable community Goddess Temple.

This first hand account is a personal journey woven with threads to a dream come true. 

With years of experience in which Graell has assisted on many global temples; such as: home temples, business temples, retreat temples, outdoor temples, and sustainable structure temples. Options abound, and are clearly presented for all levels of experience and resources.

When considering raising your own temple, be sure to check out this helpful guide, and learn from an experienced Priestess of the Goddess who’s journey will be sure to enamor you. 



Written and assembled by Priestess Graell, with excerpts by Jumana Sophia of Her Mystery School, along with 

Tony Corsini of the Goddess Temple of Ashland & the Temple of the OAK , & Visionary Graphic Design by Davin Infinity of Creative Energy Inc. 

Hard copy or Digital copy available, your choice!  

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