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Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living: for Priestess and Knights of the Goddess

Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living: for Priestess and Knights of the Goddess

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Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living

A Priestess and Knight of the Goddess training


This easy to engage in and heart expanding guide to conscious self empowerment includes life transforming information on personal growth and a curriculum of guiding ceremony for self and community. 


This is the culmination of many years of Graell's travels, teachings, and raising of Goddess Temples. This magickal Guidebook allows you to learn at your own pace, with

optional pilgrimages to sacred sites held at the Isle of: Avalon, Glastonbury, England; the Amalfi Coast, Italy; Lago Atitlan, Guatemala,

the Footsteps of the Magdalene in the south of France; Mt. Shasta, California; and Ashland, Oregon.


Share in the reverent (and wild) presence with inspiring groups of Priestesses and Knights during

weekend and month long Immersions focused on practicing your craft.


 The Goddess cannot be defined as histories deities, it is in fact the absolute essence of life. The magnetic pull of the ocean to the shore, the moment the rain touches

the land, the flame meets the air, the wind dancing through the trees, the spark of creation! 

This is the God-dess, the union of God and



This immersion guide is for all people whom feel resonance with serving a higher and expanded purpose, and for those who desire a closer connection with their womb space, men and women alike. The womb space is the primordial container that holds all of creation. Wisdom laden and in harmony with the heart, the womb space births love

thru humility. It speaks to the depths with power, with its own voice, and own directional pull, it is rooted in trust and centeredness.


Written and assembled by Priestess Graell, graphic design and editing by Shelley Sophia Crawford of


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