Food for Your Blood and Stars

Food for Your Blood and Stars


Have you ever thought about what foods actually SERVE your specific body according to your personal blood type? 

Have you ever considered that the day you were born could help you choose the best foods for your energy and basic health? 

Many years of personal experience, counseling many people in need, and basic curiosity has led me to gather this info for you to consume in an easy, digestible format. 

May this banquet of ideas nourish your body, feed your intellect and satiate your desire to care for yourself in a new and healthy way! Discover the best foods to eat for your own individual blood type and your Western Astrology Zodiac Star sign! 


In love and devotion,
Graell Corsini,
Goddess Temple of Ashland Founder & Director,
International Workshop and Retreat Guide, Movement Instructor, Midwife of the Veils Womb Mystery School Facilitator,
Elemental Priestess of the Magda and Avalonian Lineage.