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Chakra Channel: a 7-day activation

Chakra Channel: a 7-day activation


Within my personal Priestess innerstandings of the Chakras, I have come to experience them as wheels of energy that hold very specific portals of transformative power. When attention and clear intention is given to each chakra, the result of activation and balance can bring great spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

This guidebook includes an informative quick-list of colors, celestial bodies, stones, foods, easy recipes, affirmations, self inquiry prompts, crafts, and Goddesses to connect and support your whole-istic and possibly busy lifestyle. May it inspire you to become more aware of the rainbow frequency that is always pulsing around you!


In love and devotion,
Graell Corsini,
Goddess Temple of Ashland Founder & Director,
International Workshop and Retreat Guide, Movement Instructor, Midwife of the Veils Womb Mystery School Facilitator,
Elemental Priestess of the Magda and Avalonian Lineage.

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