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Ashland, Oregon

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Goddess Temple Raising Consultation

 Graell brings 16 years experience to the new paradigm RoundTable, 

in raising and directing Goddess Temples.

Available for: in person, phone, or skype sessions to support Visionary and physical manifestation

of your dream realized for your personal or community Goddess Temple. 

$111 per hour/customized package options available 

Dance of the Magda -  Daylong Immersion

Energizing emotional and physical clearing coupled with sacred dance, priestess puja, nurturing & safe environment, breathwork with deep womb Magdalene transmissions. A primal retreat in self care, goddess community connection and divine feminine empowerment. Personal and group options. 

Day Long ~ $111-222 per person                    

Priestess of the Goddess, Midwifing the Veils 9 day Initiation

Personalized, individual or group Initiation to begin your 

Path of Sacred Living as PRIESTESS. 

Potent and powerful opportunity to work with Graell in a very focalized and intimate way.

9 Day and Evenings ~ $2200 - 5500 per person 

Devotional Yoga, Mini Retreat with Graell

Elemental Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, and Shamanic Journey

Weekly (April thru November) Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30am-12:30pm (sometimes longer)

@The WellSprings, Ashland, OR


$11-22 per person or $111 group rate

Cacao and Crafting

Ceremonial Cacao Circle combined with Visionary Crafting 

$22 per person or customized group rate available

Priestess Portal Workshop

Unique Ceremonial indoor/outdoor adventures focusing on your connection

to your body as temple and the land as temple. 

$111-222 per day


Weekend Retreat/Immersion

The ultimate Priestess and Knight of the Goddess retreat. 

Heart Infused, Intuitively Guided, Elemental Inspired

3 days of practical priest/essing thru ceremony, adventure, magickal crafting, dance, and yoga.

$333-555 per weekend

Adult Healing Ballet

Barre, Center, and Choreography in a beautiful, loving, and encouraging environment

$11 per person or $111 group rate

Bhakti Chant & Dance

Puja Ceremony for Ganesha, Lakshmi, Shiva/Shakti, Krishna Radhe, Kirtronica Dance,

Singing, and Relaxation with optional Cuddle Puddle. 

$11 per person or $111 group rate

Heart Nectar Dance

Ceremonial Ecstatic Dance of the Heart

$11 per person or $111 group rate

Processional Temple Dance

Learn Devotional Dance of the Goddess (elemental themed, simple, elegant, and ancient) 

$11 per person or $111 group rate

Folk Dance

Learn Celtic style circle, snake, and partner dances where the communal rhythm of the group

induces an incredibly joyful trance-state of being. 

$11 per person or customized group rate


Birth Attendance 

Homebirth, hospital, or birth center priestess attendance to support childbirth in the Goddess way 

Childbirth Ed, International Birth Dancing, Labor/Birth, Postpartum Care



Death Attendance

Homedeath or hospital priestess attendance to support Crossing Over in the Goddess way

Gateway day, Ceremonial Anointing, Funeral




Nutritional Support, Healthy Food Shopping Support

Un~Winding Marital Vows, House Blessings, Attune to your Spiritual Guides 

Prices vary, $111 per hour


Goddess Temple Raising Presentation

Attune to Graell's many years of wisdom in raising and holding Goddess Temples. See her slide show &

Contact Graell to learn more and to book your visit to the Goddess Temple of Ashland

$ investment varies with location and time of year you are requesting her Presentation


Ongoing Tours

Forests and Waters of Mt. Shasta, California, 

Goddess Temple and Landscape of Glastonbury, UK

Goddess Temple of Rome, Italy

Footsteps of the Magdalene, France

Priestess Dedication Ceremony

an empowering opportunity to have Graell midwife you thru

your vows and self initiation onto the Path of Sacred Living as Priestess of the Goddess 

 concentrated 3-5 hours, sliding scale donation $111-555








Please CONTACT Graell to discuss details.