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Love Letters:Testimonials about Graelynn (Graell Corsini)

What People are saying about Graelynn's Immersions and Classes

"Thank you Graell Corsini for being a tremendous example of whole hearted, hard working, raw, real, enthusiastic, humble, primal Priestess-hood. You initiated me a million times by being so radically and authentically you. Your bright light penetrates, propels and inspires so many Souls. Thank you for showing me how to commune with myself and all of life with full body devotion. And most of all, thank you for helping me to forgive myself. The precious presence you offered me when I thought I was forever broken, changed the course of my life. I love you, I love you, I love you. "


"I adore Priestess Graell. My experience with her, as Facilitator of ancient ritual and magical ecstatic experience, as well as Priestess Guide, during both the 2017 Footsteps Journey through France and Priestess Convergence of 2016, has been magical, healing and activating.

She has been a clean mirror, a caring and attentive presence, a loving and gentle guide, and a fierce and motherly sister.

My life has been changed many times, by many souls, and Graell is one of the catalysts on my unique path as Priestess.

The Footsteps Journey to the South of France was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The memories unsurfaced, remembered and recreated will continue to guide my soul, my legacy, my service through as many lifetimes as necessary.

Highly recommended Journey of Remembrance... to those on the

Path of the Magdalena."

~Iya Rose


"The Footsteps Journey through Southern France has changed my life.

I discovered a new way of experiencing spirituality and have reconnected with the

Divine Feminine.  Priestess Graell guided us through a series of transformative pilgrimages, rituals, centering circles and one on one sessions. It was a magical, healing and learning experience.  At all times Priestess Graell was ready to provide whatever was needed - centering, calming, energy, ceremony, rituals, wisdom, laughter, silence, teaching, joy.  She is an amazing facilitator, and her knowledge of Mary Magdalena and her connection to Mother Earth are impressive. I am full of joy!  I found my teacher and guide as I explore the Divine Feminine.

Thank you Priestess Graell for introducing me to Mary Magdalena, Midwife of the Veils, and for an experience I will never forget.

Love, connection and growth has had me going through the most magical, magnificent, and transformative experience, with thanks to our experience together. I now have a morning ritual that includes journaling, healing music, card readings,  altar ritual, and aromatherapy. I exercise almost every day.

I see and connect with this sacred land I live in a completely new way.  And I feel this is just the beginning."

~Lupe Lopez 

"Priestess Graell is one of the most generous, kind hearted, and courageous womben I have had the pleasure to experience. 
Through warps of time and portal jumps, the magical journeys she facilitates has allowed me to experience pure devotion to the Goddess with unyielding trust. With her guidance, I feel completely blessed, always. I feel all of my being remembering my truth. During our pilgrimage, walking the footsteps of Maria Magdalena through the south of France, I was in awe of every moment I was gifted to experience. Graell was able to enhance this experience with the potent decoding of ancient mysteries. This gift that she holds is simply profound. She has an amazing eloquence in weaving a mystical and brilliant web of life. She is the synchronicity that binds the magic between space and time. Her eyes move beyond the physical appearance of this dimension and she is able to see the truth of oneness is each of us beings. Knowing Priestess Graell has given confidence, acceptance, and many initiations into this sacred path of living as Priestess of the Goddess. By choosing to witness all that she is, my life has been forever impacted and I feel so blessed. With love and gratitude I bow"
~ Tree Magda 

“Graell is a priestess, conduit of the Divine Feminine, clear channel & voice of the Goddess. She will lovingly and quite literally hold your hand as she guides you through the veils as bridger of worlds. She will help bring you back to your true, authentic self and help you realize you had the tools you needed all along. She does this all out of genuine love, not out of ego. And she will do all of this and not take any of the credit, saying it was YOU doing the work all along. She is devoted to You being YOU, and is a guidepost, mirror, friend, sister, midwife reminding you of your own unique brilliance, beauty and purpose on this planet.  I am blessed and honored to have met such a soul as Graell and to have been able to Walk in the Footsteps of the Magdalene in France and attend the Goddess Conference at the Goddess Temple of Rome with her presence and sing, dance and celebrate all along the way. Before my grandmother passed last year she had told me that maybe I needed to find a church, and I told her I had, that I had found the Goddess Temple of Ashland. Thank you Graell for calling me home. I have heard. I am awake. I am devoted to being in the same tribe as a woman such as thee! With pure love and friendship"


"After only four yoga classes with Graell, my core is so strong and my body feels so connected that it seems as though I have been training quite hard for several weeks.


This astonished me as the postures are deceptively “simple” the pace doable for every level,  She connects us through kundalini yoga practice, elemental energies, sacred chants,  spontaneous outbursts of humor, personal reflections and radiant love. Everyone who enters her class feels welcomed, cherished, blessed, uplifted and energized."


"Graell is consistent, deliberate and intentional in her eclectic class style, the experience of which is more of artistry then simply being in a get fit or standard stretch class. She has made the transmission process her own and her full embodiment of it allows her students the opportunity to fully meet and embody themselves (ourselves)."

"It is rare in my experience to meet someone so devoted, knowledgeable, caring, humble and present."


Oh, and did I tell you she tap dances? I have been looking for a teacher for a while not wanting to be in a class with 5 year olds. Graell takes Goddess Tapping to entire new levels of excellence and ecstasy."


 "I fell in love with her the first time I met her, as do many others. Perhaps you will too."


"Visiting Graell at Mt. Shasta in 2008 helped me to clarify my path by seeing Hers.  Imagining what is possible and remembering what is real.  Thank you for the space you hold in the world."


"I wouldn't be where and who I am today if it wasn't for Graell and her  shining love. She helped mold me into the woman I am today and I don't have the words to ever truly thank her.  I took a yoga class from her years ago and broke down after class one day. She held me and talked with me about what was going on and how to set goals to manifest beauty in my life. I never had a supportive older female figure in my life up to that point. In that moment, with the support she showed me and the mantra gave me,  I am now a strong woman who loves my body (used to not), a woman who is getting married (used to have trust issues), a woman who is going to school to become a doctor  (used to think I wasn't smart enough), and a woman who is financially afloat and blessed with a job helping others (when I met her I was homeless and unemployed)

I thank Graell for all the light she brings into this world. 

I thank Graell for letting me know I could carry that light within myself."


"Graell’s Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living is truly helping me on my personal journey, remembering the long forgotten codes of the Goddess that dwell within us all!"


"It has been over a decade since the divine sent Graell across my path, my gratitude is deep."  


Through death, love, life, and loss, Priestess Graell has offered me guidance, education, nourishments,  grace, and humor to some of the most challenging struggles of my life as well as the Pacific north west. I am so grateful for her."


"I am so grateful for Graell Corsini and all the beautiful, wonderful, powerful gifts she bestowed upon this Ashland community. My heart is blown so wide open, I feel powerful and surrendered all at the same time, and I have overcome the deep depression (one day at a time) that I went into over the last couple of months....Miracles upon Miracles. I support Goddess Temples blossoming open all over the world!

Graell has a *mission* that is so, so, so very crucial...and is now *my* mission, too...To support the Rebirth of the GODDESS....She is our only Hope!!! 

Please help Graell raise 111 Goddess Temples in the next 11 years...Imagine a world where the Goddess was honored...imagine the relationships, imagine the communities, imagine the children, imagine, imagine, imagine!!!"


"The Footsteps of the Magdalen Journey through Southern France with Graell has changed my life. I discovered a new way of experiencing spirituality and have reconnected with the Divine Feminine. Priestess Graell guided us through a series of transformative pilgrimages, rituals, centering circles and one on one sessions. It was a magical, healing and learning experience. At all times Graell was ready to provide whatever was needed - centering, calming, energy, ceremony, rituals, wisdom, laughter, silence, teaching, joy. She is an amazing facilitator and her knowledge of Mary Magdalena and her connection to Mother Earth are so impressive. I am full of joy! I found my teacher and guide as I explore the Divine Feminine. Thank you Priestess Graell for introducing me to The Magda, midwife of the veils, and for an experience I will never forget filled with Love, connection and growth."


"I am going through the most magical and magnificent transformative experience thanks to my experience With Graell. I have a morning ritual now that includes journaling, healing music, divonation, an altar ritual, and aromatherapy. I now exercise frequently, and connect with this sacred land I live on in a completely new way! 

Graell Corsini is an avatar on this planet, that's for sure. She holds the teachings. I cherish the initiation I received from her in Avalon. A life changer for me, one of those destined moments."


"I love Graell's energy, huge heart, commitment to the healing, and Sacred Feminine, and all I know about her."

"Honoring our teachers and mentors is SO important in bringing through the vision of mother world we wish to create. One of my divine inspirations, teachers and mentors is Graell Corsini . Her gifts unfold in such flow and ease that simply being in her presence for a day is as rich and fulfilling as months of trainings. She shares her wisdom freely from the heart and I’m beyond grateful to have found her again in this life. If you EVER have the fortune to attend one of her offerings you are blessed. Graell demonstrates divine manifestation through the spoken word and KNOWS the power to fulfil abundance through it, this too can unfold for you, in her classes LISTEN,THIRD EYE OPEN. Through her Pixi size magnitudes of information will come, honouring the sacred time and space you have together will gift you to receive fully, when together HONOUR SACRED SPACE. Your safe in her charge, be HEART OPEN, your intuition will receive more MAGIC than your mind, RECEPTIVITY is key.

Graell and the Goddess Temple of Ashland is magic, she channels SHE for us all to revel in, such a gift to this world. Oh and she makes a great breakfast smoothly to boot."


"My Priestess, my Sister, my Teacher, my rose flower code initiator, Graell Corsini is the essence of the triple goddess - Maiden, Mother, and Crone - She inspires me to dance ecstatically in devotion to the God-dess. 

She reminds me to walk with all elements - fully activated.

Priestess Graell's medicine is so powerful that each of my altars has something that honors her. She visits me in the dreamtime often to continue my training in the ancient women's mystery school. I am in constant awe of her creations. I love her. I honor her. I thank her."


"Just by being in Graell’s presence, you feel transformed. Priestess Graell awakens transformation in the way you see yourself and the world around you. She is pure love, healing, devotion, authenticity, and in my point of view, her strongest medicine is mirroring your deepest and truest essence being."


"I am so grateful for all the insights, healing, divine transmission, and empowerment I received when in touch with Graell during the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury! Meeting her was really special in my life."


"Graell is a absolutely Radiant Bright Beautiful SiStar.

She holds Divine Blessings and a loving nurturing space in ceremony with such love and compassion... Graell is truly an embodiment of a powerful sacred healing pillar of the Divine Creation of Mother Goddess."


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