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Ashland, Oregon

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Graell Corsini is a devotional Priestess of the Goddess, a Mari-Morgan Clan member, workshop and retreat facilitator, Magda Midwife of the Veils as Priestess birth, sacred union, and death attendant, goddess temple raiser, and a ceremonial dance performer. Her grounded practicality fuses with walking the Path of Sacred Living in a most epic Mythic existance. She raises the God & Goddess within you. 


Graell is the Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, USA and has supported raising Goddess Temples around the world. Graell has been intimately involved in the Goddess Conference of Glastonbury UK since 2006. She annually serves the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in any way needed, as well as Tempio della Grande Dea of Rome, Italy, both Temples are the first of their kind, in their location, to be rasised in over two thousand years.

Graell offers Temple Dances and Heart Songs  to link Sacred Sites and provides an invocation to the Sacred Geometry of the Etheric Round Table. She inspires reclaiming the Mythos into Divine Union of ALL as Sovereign, in choice of Spiritual Path, and creating a holy balance of the Christ/Magdalene archetype which overlays Avalonian lore.

All transmissions Graell gifts us, have the innate ability to awaken dormant Codes and activate your authentic-humble-honest-Pure-Heart to it's true nature, and to inspire your Primal rootsy aspect of s'Elf that yearns for expression...

Formal Certification:

Yoga of Sound and Chocolate

Our Red Tent

Dancing Freedom

13 Moon Mystery School

The Farm Midwifery School

Birth Into Being

Bioluminous Healing Arts

....23 years practicing Kundalini Yoga, 27 years practicing the Priestess Arts, and 49 years practicing many styles of Dance

“I had a profound initiatory experience with Graell in Glastonbury, UK that has basically transformed my life and deepened my spiritual path in surprising, delightful, and profound ways.”


~Marguerite Rigogliosa, Ph.D, author, The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece, Virgin Mother Goddessess of Antiquity

"Graell creates a safe and graceful environment for you or your Loved One’s as they experience their Soul’s transition. Held in the arms of peace and trust in Divine timing, celebrating the great Circle of life and death with dignity."

~ J. Lucas

“Graell brings the deep wild roots of connection to the Goddess through the land and our bodies, and knows how to express the Beauty of the Divine in movement, stillness, and action. Her workshops are transformative, empowering, positive, healing and beautiful!" 


~Katinka Soetens, Priestess of Avalon, Founder and Director of the Priestess of Rhiannon trainings` 

"I adore Priestess Graell. My experience with her, as Facilitator of ancient ritual and magical ecstatic experience, as well as Priestess Guide, during both the 2017 Footsteps Journey through France and Priestess Convergence of 2016, has been magical, healing and activating.

She has been a clean mirror, a caring and attentive presence, a loving and gentle guide, and a fierce and motherly sister.

My life has been changed many times, by many souls, and Graell is one of the catalysts on my unique path as Priestess.

The Footsteps Journey to the South of France was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The memories unsurfaced, remembered and recreated will continue to guide my soul, my legacy, my service through as many lifetimes as necessary.

Highly recommended Journey of Remembrance... to those on the

Path of the Magdalena."

~Iya Rose


"The Footsteps Journey through Southern France has changed my life.

I discovered a new way of experiencing spirituality and have reconnected with the

Divine Feminine.  Priestess Graell guided us through a series of transformative pilgrimages, rituals, centering circles and one on one sessions. It was a magical, healing and learning experience.  At all times Priestess Graell was ready to provide whatever was needed - centering, calming, energy, ceremony, rituals, wisdom, laughter, silence, teaching, joy.  She is an amazing facilitator, and her knowledge of Mary Magdalena and her connection to Mother Earth are impressive. I am full of joy!  I found my teacher and guide as I explore the Divine Feminine.

Thank you Priestess Graell for introducing me to Mary Magdalena, Midwife of the Veils, and for an experience I will never forget.

Love, connection and growth has had me going through the most magical, magnificent, and transformative experience, with thanks to our experience together. I now have a morning ritual that includes journaling, healing music, card readings,  altar ritual, and aromatherapy. I exercise almost every day.

I see and connect with this sacred land I live in a completely new way.  And I feel this is just the beginning."

~Lupe Lopez 

"Priestess Graell is one of the most generous, kind hearted, and courageous womben I have had the pleasure to experience. 
Through warps of time and portal jumps, the magical journeys she facilitates has allowed me to experience pure devotion to the Goddess with unyielding trust. With her guidance, I feel completely blessed, always. I feel all of my being remembering my truth. During our pilgrimage, walking the footsteps of Maria Magdalena through the south of France, I was in awe of every moment I was gifted to experience. Graell was able to enhance this experience with the potent decoding of ancient mysteries. This gift that she holds is simply profound. She has an amazing eloquence in weaving a mystical and brilliant web of life. She is the synchronicity that binds the magic between space and time. Her eyes move beyond the physical appearance of this dimension and she is able to see the truth of oneness is each of us beings. Knowing Priestess Graell has given confidence, acceptance, and many initiations into this sacred path of living as Priestess of the Goddess. By choosing to witness all that she is, my life has been forever impacted and I feel so blessed. With love and gratitude I bow"
~ Tree Magda 

“Graell is a priestess, conduit of the Divine Feminine, clear channel & voice of the Goddess. She will lovingly and quite literally hold your hand as she guides you through the veils as bridger of worlds. She will help bring you back to your true, authentic self and help you realize you had the tools you needed all along. She does this all out of genuine love, not out of ego. And she will do all of this and not take any of the credit, saying it was YOU doing the work all along. She is devoted to You being YOU, and is a guidepost, mirror, friend, sister, midwife reminding you of your own unique brilliance, beauty and purpose on this planet.  I am blessed and honored to have met such a soul as Graell and to have been able to Walk in the Footsteps of the Magdalene in France and attend the Goddess Conference at the Goddess Temple of Rome with her presence and sing, dance and celebrate all along the way. Before my grandmother passed last year she had told me that maybe I needed to find a church, and I told her I had, that I had found the Goddess Temple of Ashland. Thank you Graell for calling me home. I have heard. I am awake. I am devoted to being in the same tribe as a woman such as thee! With pure love and friendship"



Take a glimpse into Graell's Sacred Path of Living as a Devotional Priestess of the Goddess.


Connect with Graell to schedule a

soul-stream session or consultation.


Take a glimpse into Graell's Sacred Path of Living as a Devotional Priestess of the Goddess.


Connect with Graell to schedule a

soul-stream session or consultation.

An Interview with a Modern Priestess — Graell Corsini


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Priestess? The word “priestess” is packed with powerful visions of antiquity and power, of women dancing around stone circles in Scotland or wearing crowns of bay leaves in Greece. Good news, that vision isn’t too far away. There are still priestesses to this day who infuse this sacred knowledge into modern, daily life.


Graell Corsini is a Priestess of the Goddess. She founded and is the director of The Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon. She teaches other women about “practical priestessing,” and is also an intuitive guide, sacred movement instructor, midwife of the Veils: birth, sacred union, death, and rebirth, as well as a goddess temple consultant, and lover of sacred sites. 


Here are a few words from her on how to get in touch with your inner priestess, even with a hectic life.


What does being a modern priestess mean to you? How does it inspire your everyday life?


Being a modern priestess is walking the path of sacred living...meaning that everything that I do from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep each day is a personal scrying, or seeing through the lens of the mythic. Some practical ways I practice this is upon waking, being completely aware of the elements and how they are supporting my life, thanking the goddess, feeling my body in its solid form, feeling the sunshine, tuning into the elements and being in complete and total gratitude for the gift of life.



How can someone who is working a 9-5 or raising a family, or caught up in life’s responsibilities embody your practices?


It’s easy and powerful — infuse this practice into your daily life. Every moment is a learning moment, so experience it as a learning moment. When you do this, you can see who is the teacher and who is the student, and it is an opportunity to grow. Everything you do is sacred when looked at through the eyes of the mythic — walking becomes a meditation and movement ritual, When you brush your teeth, do positive affirmations.  When you make your breakfast, try kitchen witchery, and infuse magic and healing into your food.


When you look through the lens of the mythic, getting into a car is even sacred. You see that the car has all parts made from earth, even if it is plastic, some part of it is made from earth. There is a consistent awareness and gratitude for the creation of it. Whether it is goddess made, or made by man, there is creation and spark of life in it. Having that awareness gives a lesson of gratitude and appreciation that is devotion. It is what infuses the sacred into the mundane.


Can you give some practical daily practical rituals?


Create a home altar

If you are single, you have your own altar. If you are in a partnership, the altar is shared. And if you have a family, try supporting children to have an individual altar as well as having a co-created family altar. This makes the home a living, breathing sacred space, and when something monumental happens they can give thanks at the altar. If anyone receives a call for help or someone gets sick, you can pray for them there. If someone in the home goes for a hike and finds a special rock or stick, they can add it to the altar. The Altar must be refreshed, because it holds as a container for the magic of the family. This is a concentrated visual for the magic in that process.


After you create an altar, make it a daily practice to visit it. Acknowledge the elements, and include them on your altar. Start with water from anywhere or a sacred special place, that water is life, without which we would not be. Then add a candle for fire, something to represent earth (stone or soil) and air (possibly a feather, breathwork, or singing) with that, having a journal or basic positive affirmation that someone has given you or that you came up with to reprogram your thoughts.


It’s easy to get caught up in a fear loop, so having an affirmation like  “All that I need is always taken care of, I am safe” can help reset our thought patterns.


Acknowledging the Seasonal Holy Days

Become aware of the solstices, equinoxes, and high holy days. Make sure that you are clear of the qualities that they bring, and do some kind of a ceremony and knowledge the sacred times. They are directly affecting you — just as the moon phases and seasonal changes impact you, these days do too.


Embrace the Elements

We could pray to deities and icons all day long, but at the end of the day,  without the elements and spirit, we would not be. This is a way to be in gratitude and acknowledgement to what gives us life. Having awareness of our environment keeps our life force pulsing at a really high level. When we are in connection with the land and waters around us, it increases our ability to feel more centered, feel more relaxed, feel more joy. To be more connected to our heart. Just as the heart opening experience that happens when we are at the beach, or gentle nature, creates a deeper connection with our heart.


When we inspire each other to do this practice of bringing the sacred into the mundane, it inspires a deeper desire to live more holistically, from a fuller place, from a place of purpose and celebration. It really dramatically assists in raising you out of depression because it is incredibly uplifting to begin your day in gratitude around the stimulation of life that it creates.


These practices are an invitation home to yourself, celebrating the victory of your direction and reflection of yourself. When you come into the awareness that the Earth is your body, we have the sacred waters in us, we have the sun’s warmth within us, our bones are the inherent reflections of the stones, and we breathe in the air, when we have that direct attention with the elements, then we have the direct responsibility to care for ourselves better, and when we take care of ourselves better, we take care of each other and the environment better and the relationship with our environment as a whole deepens. The entire practice is a self-love activation that supports expanded love in your environment.